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Two-point Internal Digital Calipers
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Features :
It is convenient to keep the beam balance while measuring.
The positioning is accurate which can avoid the manual interfere.
With force limit devices, it can avoid the error by manual operation.
The measuring range is larger than those three-point internal micrometers.
It can measure the diameters; even can measure the cone angle of small hole by the Equal sizing blocks.
  Specifications :
  Measuring Range Order No. Resolution Limit Error
  10-60mm 119-031 0.001mm ±0.007mm
  50-100mm 119-032 0.001mm ±0.007mm
  100-150mm 119-033 0.001mm ±0.008mm
  150-200mm 119-034 0.001mm ±0.008mm
  200-250mm 119-035 0.001mm ±0.009mm
  250-300mm 119-036 0.001mm ±0.009mm
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